Hi there! Welcome!

My name is Rosa Fiore. Or actually, that is my pen name. I’m a graduate student Software Engineering from The Netherlands and currently doing my graduation project.

During the first weeks of my first the internship, I was doing some research on several software architectures. This has lead to the decision that I wanted to develop my own operating system from scratch.

Furthermore, I have two other hobbies that I try to practice a ton: writing and photography. At the moment, I’ve got a writing project where I try to write about what is happening in my life.

As for photography, my primary cameras are all analogue with different sets and sizes of film. I made all the pictures you see in the headers and more pictures are to come as well.

In this blog, I try to post on a regular basis about my three hobbies. From my experiments and research into different languages for an operating system to the progress of a memoir about the events in my life happening right now.

I have partnered up with my friend Valentin Utkin who is owner of his own two blogs https://neshomebrew.dev/ and https://valentinthehacker.blog/. He covers all kinds of subjects within the software engineering domain, like Cyber Security, Programming, and more. Be sure to check him out!