The Development of a Writer and an Operating System
Partnered with Valentin Utkin

Time to Start Again with Bullet Journaling

After a bit of self reflection, it is time to start again with bullet journaling with a fresh attitude by adjusting it to you! Not every way of bullet journaling will help you in your journey, it can also work against you. By finding out your pitfalls, you can adjust the journal to your needs and hopefully make the most out of it.

By Rosa September 9, 2020 0

The Road to My Ultimate Training System

Announce Your Idea! Finally, I will be walking the road to my ultimate training system! Building my operating system will be a long but exciting journey! I have made a rough plan of the things that I still have to learn and which books to use for that purpose. The next step: announcing my idea and holding myself accountable to keep you up to date on the strides and struggles!

By Rosa August 28, 2020 0

Securing Database Credentials – Building a Blog

Previously in Building a Blog: Getting Started with MongoDB With our database set up, it is now time to make a MongoDB connection with Spring Boot. That connects the database to our backend system, making us ready to start implementing our operations. However, I don’t want my database credentials to be all over GitHub. Therefore,…

By Rosa July 17, 2020 0