Update: My First Chapter on Scribophile

September 27, 2018 0 By Rosa

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my first chapter for critique on Scribophile and I’m still waiting for it to enter the main spotlight. However, in the meantime, people have read the chapter and some have posted a comment to let me know what they thought of it thus far. Below are all the comments thus far.

I read your first chapter here and wanted to say I really admire your bravery for sharing such a personal, painful experience and I’m certain it will help those unfamiliar with depression/other mental health issues to understand the difficulties we go through–and remind those of us who suffer from them that we’re not alone.


I really want to thank you for having the courage to write this. I am bipolar and often deal with a lack of emotions or on the other hand when manic way too many at once. I let my son read this as well and he is a high functioning autistic. He says it sums up his days exactly. I hope you find the support you need and I want you to know I am very proud to call you my friend.


That first chapter is both tender & intense, introduces places & people well & makes one root for the character / person who goes through such a dramatic struggle. As others wrote, this surely is something that will help people whose challenges lack literary representation. Keep the good work going!


Getting such great comments feels amazing and it boosts my motivation to keep on writing my story. I’ve already made a small start with the second chapter so that is coming along as well.

For now, I just have to wait a bit longer for the first chapter to enter the main spotlight. That’s when I’ll be receiving the critiques. I’m quite nervous about it and I wonder what others will think about it. Nonetheless, I am confident in my work and I suspect the feedback will apply for the most part to how I’ve written it and not the subject and content of the text.