Writing Project: Living with My Spinning Head

September 18, 2018 0 By Rosa

Roughly three weeks ago, I made that one important decision. Writing about yourself is not an easy task, especially for someone that already has much difficulty opening up to her boyfriend. Still, it is nothing compared to writing about your life when you’re about to go through several tests to see if I have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Not only that, but there is a possibility that I suffer from depression.

So, I’ve given myself quite the challenge. It’ll definitely be an eye opener for me. In the hopes of getting a better understanding of myself, I also hope that others who do not suffer from any of these psychological disorders will get a better understanding of the ones that do.

Since concentrating on writing, or anything really, has been difficult, I decided that I don’t want to rush it. If I write 400 words, than it’s 400. If it’s more, terrific! If it’s less, still great! I knew that I could not push myself in this state.

After three weeks of writing, revising and asking feedback from one friend, I’m on the brink of putting my first chapter to the real test. Within a few days, I will post my first chapter on a website called Scribophile. It is a website where writers post their writings to receive critique from their fellow writers on the site. For you to post anything to begin with, you have to earn point by critiquing works of others.

I will leave another post with more details and the link to Scribophile when the first chapter has been uploaded.